We are a design studio with deep roots in strategic thinking, and our approach is behavioural and data-driven.
Our mission? Help companies with user research, product design and strategy.

Design is part of our DNA; we craft reliable and appealing websites and apps, efficient at converting interactions into leads. Our superpower: our data mindset. How do we do it? With our user-centred problem-solving method.

We work with a vast array of products, from the latest tech to older devices still popular in certain regions. Our designs prioritize sustainability, incorporating energy-efficient and eco-friendly principles that reduce digital waste and extend device longevity.

Inclusivity is central to our approach. We ensure our products are accessible to people with various abilities, following universal design principles and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Moreover, we are committed to cultural sensitivity, tailoring our designs to resonate with users from diverse backgrounds and geographies. Our aim is to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive digital world.

it s for everyone

Kiquix helps companies take care of their users by developing intuitive, mellow and appealing products for them … And for you!
When your users win, your company wins too.
Here is how investing in UX can help your company saving time and money:

Reducing costs of development

Including the user in your product workflow will help reduce today’s and tomorrow’s development times and costs, avoiding rework, lowering development inefficiencies and preventing future changes. It also turns customer support costs down.

Mitigating the RISK of a new feature or product

The User-Centred Design combined with a wise Data-Driven approach will reduce to the minimum the risk of investing in a new feature or project. We will assess the Value Proposition of your idea before committing to any long term costs.

Nourishing user fidelity

The key is delivering intuitive and easy-to-learn products that eliminate user frustration. Comfortable experiences satisfy users and increase user engagement and fidelity to the product.


All these sound interesting, but you still need to get it? Does your project not fit entirely in any of these categories? Our 45-minute scoping workshop, is designed to help you frame your design challenges and identify actionable next steps. This session is an opportunity to define the problem space, brainstorm solutions, and kickstart your journey towards design innovation.

Note: This is a free offering aimed at providing value and insight into our approach.

We can hook up with your company in three ways:

as consultants

Trough tailor-made consultancies: we analyze your product´s performance, and we deliver a series of reports, revealing problems and strategic solutions to fix them.

[!] Bonus track : we can keep on working together if you want us to be your UX design dedicated team guiding your company in innovation and product.

As strategic designers

We’ll deliver smooth and snappy products. We love to get hands-on and carry out the whole challenge as a turnkey project.

Don’t worry, you will be part of the process as we love to create partnerships with our clients!


Training your team

We have extensive experience in providing training on Innovation and Design. Through a playful but serious method, we will transfer our knowledge and tools to your team.

Some of the areas we can help you with:

  • User-centred Design
  • User Research
  • Circular Design and Sustainability


We are research devotees; we carry on field studies, interviews, data analysis, tests and strategic thinking to uncover the real issues your product needs to address.

Once the picture is clear, we ideate solutions and test their usability. We believe in the power of rapid prototyping stages: they can teach us a lot and it is better to fail soon and cheap if something does not work as expected. Then we nourish the design with feedback and more testing and more iteration to refining the product´s UX till it is ready to launch.

We like transparency. Along this exciting process, we always work side-by-side with all the stakeholders of the project: you, your users and Kiquix. We want to keep it very close and get our progress followed up and validated by our customers all the time. Hey no worries, thanks to our method, we won’t be bothering that much!

We work for any company that wants to understand their users better.

If you are a big company, a dynamic SME, or crazy StartUps, we’d love to hear from you!

Although we carry vast baggage full of IoT and iGaming cases, we are delighted when we face new kinds of challenges. Technology is getting deeper into the routines of companies, manufacturers, and ordinary people. Tons of new digital products bring to life every day. And these might be supported in devices and hardware previously not exposed to a UX. All these innovations demand user experiences.

At Kiquix, we are all ears -and willing!- to explore the exotic.

Ready to Connect with Kiquix Design Studio? We Can’t Wait!

Hey there! We know each project is as unique as a snowflake, and we’re here to offer the guidance and support you need to turn your dreams into reality. If you’re eager to chat about your design aspirations, curious about our courses, or just want to learn more about our services, give us a shout! Our friendly and knowledgeable team is excited to hear from you.

Book the meeting that better suits your request!

Comprehensive Design Consultation

Join us for an interactive meeting where we’ll explore the realms of Product Design, User Research, User Experience, and Innovation Consultancy. Whether you’re looking to refine an existing product or innovate a new one, this meeting is designed to provide you with strategic insights and practical solutions.

Tailored Consultation

Looking for a tailored solution? Our custom meeting offers a unique opportunity to discuss and explore your needs. Whether it’s a deep-dive into a particular topic or a combination of several areas, we’ll tailor the meeting to fit your requirements.

User-Centric Research & Experience Training

Enhance your team’s User Research and User Experience skills with our specialized training session. This meeting aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand your users better, creating more impactful and user-friendly designs.

Sustainable Design Training

Discover the principles of Circular Design and Sustainability in this engaging training session. Learn about the importance of sustainable practices in product design and how to implement them, contributing to a greener future.