Conversion Rate Optimization

Data-driven analysis to exploit your potential!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your product is not blooming yet? Something is obstructing your conversion funnels? We combine your products data analytics together with growth hacking techniques to turn your product into the high converting and the luxuriant one your company really deserves!

Conversion Rate Optimization

Funnel analysis and optimization

The conversion funnel represents a flow – and all its steps – that a visitor has to travel to fulfill a task in a web or app.

When we analyse the funnel we look for the steps that are not working well, hindering the conversions within a digital experience. A funnel conversion failure can either come from the UX design, the UI layout or even the coding, the technical part of the product.

And guess the reason why are we so into analysing it?

Studying the funnel problems allows us to meet its solutions and therefore, we can optimise the products funnel and make a visitor’s way to completing a task much easier and pain-free.

A funnel analysis will lead to a performance improvement of the user experience. And that is good news for your product – and for your company!

A/B Testing

This test is taken whenever you are planning to introduce a change or a new feature in your product and you have some alternatives in mind.

How is it done? We select a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to measure the efficiency of each option. According to the KPI selected, we design the test that will weight it. Then, the outcome is pretty clear: we compare the indicator’s results in options A and B to see which of the possible solutions is the most powerful.

The result of this test is a valuable piece of information for strategic decision making before implementing an upgrade – and spending money – in the real product.

User Tracking Implementation

Nowadays, tags are increasingly more essential to web and apps performance. They have an important weight when getting to know the traffic, SEO metrics, conversion rates of your products, marketing campaigns and others.


Google Tag Manager allows your product’s tags to be easily updated, in order to get helpful conversion information and deep web analysis. We will run the setup of this tool in your product, and we will instruct your company’s team on how to use it efficiently.

Easy to read performance dashboard

Why should your company use a BI tool? Because it’s dynamic and helpful and it enables everyone, experts and newcomers, to get the analytical data of a digital product.

How does it work? It translates your product’s performance numbers into friendly reports and smooth graphics, and it displays them within a cool dashboard that can be customised and shared.

At KIQUIX, we are devoted to data and we want our customers to be so: we strongly believe in the power of analysing numbers and KPIs regularly. With this service, we will link your Data Source the a BI tool, and we will teach your team how to read it, handle it and take the best out of it.

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