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Nowadays it’s crucial to react to unexpected changes and implement new products and strategies, in the shortest time possible. The most difficult task in all this? Get yourself and your team aligned to make important decisions in a very short amount of time.

Try 1 hour design sprint scoping workshop! For free. 

You will invest 1h of your time with us, and together we’ll structure a better definition of your company challenges, highlight opportunities and possible solutions. Ah… we’ll do it for FREE!


Definition of the challenges

A better definition of the challenges is the key of the success. Having a deep understanding of the problems makes easier to find suitable solutions and then commit to them.

Customer Journey Map

Painting a Journey Map will help highlight problematic areas requiring improvements.
And drive us to the first solution to apply!


Value Proposition validation

Together with you, we will analyse and validate the Value Proposition of your product so you don’t have to waste money.


Workshop Report

You will receive a PDF including all the findings and suggestions to overcome your challenge as a team.

When competition raises, it’s no longer enough to have a good quality product. You must have the right product and you must have it as soon as possible. Design Workshops are the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing, if a feature is worth the effort, or if your value proposition is really valid. Compress weeks of work, invest only 1H of your precious time and get powerful outcomes!

What to expect from the scoping design workshop?

Instead of spending one week talking, we’re going to run a mini workshop.

Why? Because it’s a much more effective use of your time and – honestly – way more engaging!

By the end of the workshop, you will have a much better definition and understanding of the challenge than when we started, you’ll get a PDF including all the outputs to keep and share with your team.

We’ll start capturing an overview of the business along with your current challenges. Then, we’ll all explore and articulate the unique value of your product/service in a structured way.

Finally, we’ll collect and organize the best ideas to the top before we close by talking about the following steps.

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What are you waiting for? It's free!


Solving Big Problems!

Why at kiquix?

Amazing journeys and killer ideas will lead every company to face high complexity or risky scenarios. Situations where you and your team must be able to align and make important decisions in a very short amount of time. At Kiquix we are expert in compressing time and allow our customer to sprint to the next product rather than wasting expensive time.

Will power is extremely expensive! At Kiquix we build digital experiences that your users will love. This is our passion and mission. Our data-driven, human-centered approach will rise your Gargantuan Competition Advantage and let you kill the competition, simply pleasing your customers.

Imre Guaglianone

Founder, Kiquix Ltd

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Let’s rock together!

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