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Nurturing your products

We craft stellar experiences – or nurture existing ones – that engage users. The more they like your website or app, the more they will trust it; and users are more likely to convert when it’s about products they rely on. We design smooth, seamless and pain-free UX. And we always blend them with the uniqueness of your brand.

Nurturing your products

Research and Analysis

Understanding your product’s user is a key step in our working processes. Getting to know your business needs and goals, also. Research and analysis is, always, our starting point. With it, we get to know who your users are, what do they want from you, how do they want it, what are they capable of when interacting with your product, and tons of other clues that are gold for our design process. Information is everything but many times it’s not visible. We know how to go for it – remember … our method – and once we have data, we can do magic.


But not only users matter. Your organization has a lot of valuable flavours we need to know in order to design, not only the best digital experience for your users, but also the best solutions for your business needs. The UX we like to design will deliver the most useful and accessible digital trips for your users, but also the smoothest back-end job for your team. Your market segment also matters. So we will also take a look at what’s going on in your sector. This is going to be a valuable input for our designs too.


We love generating data-based inputs, but we value qualitative research as much as quantitative methods. We always stand on the Design Thinking’s framework to carry out field studies, interviews, surveys and many other research procedures we regularly apply in this exploration phase.


Information Architecture

If you are not familiar with this term, it is the way in which content is organized within a digital environment. At KIQUIX we like information to be displayed in a friendly and logical way. It is a key part for achieving a high task conversion rate. With a good IA design, users will easily find what they are looking for. Hierarchy, structure, connections between tasks, all this is cared for by Information Architecture.

Of course we will analyse the existing product to detect issues -missing, excess, and failed content- and then design the way information is going to be sequenced in your digital product. The IA will be depicted into a Sitemap that will show the structure and the interrelation of pages of your web or app.


This is the visual blueprint of a digital product’s screen or page. After gathering all the information in our research, wireframing is the first big step we take to the embodiment of the product’s design.

Wireframes provide a clear overview of the page structure, layout, information architecture, user flow, functionality, and intended behaviors.

A wireframe is usually the representation of the initial product concept; everything else such as styling, color, and graphics are kept to a minimum. Wireframes can be drawn by hand or created digitally, depending on how much detail is required.

Wireframing is a practice commonly used by UX designers. This process allows all stakeholders to agree on where the information will be placed before the developers build the interface out with code.

Interaction Design

We design the interactive elements of a page or screen, as well as the navigation transitions within a product. When designing the interaction, we are tuning the experience, bearing in mind the accessibility to all of the users. This dimension is the ergonomics of the digital experience. A good interaction design tackles sizes, animation, elements, readability and more, to guarantee a correct user experience for everyone involved.

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