User Interface Design


Simple and Functional Design
Our UI designs have two characteristics: neatness and function. We believe that a good visual design reflects the singularity of your brand and must improve the usability of your product. In all our projects, we optimize the user interface so that it becomes intuitive for your target users. Good UI is always a consequence of an even better UX Research.
Simple and Functional Design

UI Guidelines

When designing digital products’ interfaces, we always consider the UI Heuristics: a powerful protocol that shepherds the User Interface Design. This kit of recommendations tells us what products should and should not, in order to guarantee their usability. Following these principles, we assure a couple of things:

  • That users can get punctually informed about what’s happening in the product and that the product includes mundane conventions and speaks in a language that is familiar to its users. Also, that the product just focuses on the essential content and features.


  • That the product drops sharp instructions and consistent messages, avoiding uncertainty for the users. Further, that tasks can be carried out in different ways so each user can choose the road that better fits him or her.


  • That the product is 100% error-free; and if an error margin is unavoidable, that the product can help its users by offering a solution to recover from a failure. Still, that the product can always offer an easy to search help bar and friendly documentation. And, that if a user makes a mistake, the product will always offer undo and redo options.

Design Systems

A Design System is the single source of truth which groups all the elements that will allow the teams to design, realize and develop a product. It actually consists in a set of deliverables including: Style Guidelines, Brand Identity and language, Components and Patterns, Design Principles and of course case of use.

We love to have consistent and interesting, yet coherent and understandable User Interfaces in all the products we design, so we sapiently build Design Systems for any digital product we work on.

Higher is the level of integration and adoption of a Design System, the smoother will be the workflow of designers and developers.

Prototypes: Digital and Real world

Once the blueprints are approved – this generally happens in the UX design phase – the visual design of your product can be kickstarted.

Our prototypes combine all the visual punch of our graphic interfaces, with digital front-end functionality, so users can navigate the product and give us feedback – our favourite food! -.

Why we make prototypes? Because we need to find issues and solve them before investing the big money. We need to fail and iterate in order to reach the most enhanced version of the product. But (!) we need to fail cheap and on solid ground. Therefore: we prototype before starting the software development. Hardly never ever, when a user is testing a prototype, will realize it is one. Our functional prototypes are a forceful tool that helps us guarantee good UI and properly tested products.

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