Great experiences inspire customers to take actions. No need for hard selling or pushy marketing. With aesthetically-appealing human-centric design, you can easily convert visits into leads. At Kiquix, this is what we do.


KIQUIX is a User Experience Studio and we are your best choice when it comes to:

UX Design
UI Design
Conversion Rate Optimization

Our process is strongly based on methodologies related to Design thinking, User behavior, and analytics.
Through the Design Sprint, we help brands and companies develop data-driven products designed by humans for humans.

At KIQUIX, we don’t just create beautiful websites;
we craft designs that convert, innovate, and solve problems.

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At Kiquix,
user experience is our priority.


At Kiquix, user experience is our priority. We craft designs that promote stellar experience, engage users, and showcase uniqueness of customers’ brands. We craft smooth and seamless user experience that visitors expect and deserve. The more they trust your website, the more they are likely to convert.



Design Sprint | UX Audit | Research and analysis | Information Architecture | Wireframe | Interaction Design | Usability TestStrategy | Consultancy


User Interface Design

Simplicity and functionality are the two main elements of our UI designs.


Simplicity and functionality are the two main elements of our UI designs. We believe that good design highlights the uniqueness of your brand and the usefulness of your product.
In all our design works, we optimize user interface so that it becomes intuitive for your users.



High fidelity wireframe | Mock-up | Prototyping | UI Guidelines |
Wireframe | Design System | UI Kit
Strategy | Consultancy


“We build CRO-friendly websites.”


Our designs are not only aesthetically appealing, they’re also backed by scientific data and analytics on user behaviors. This makes us capable of optimizing our designs to convert visits into leads and sales. With years of experience in UI and UX design and extensive knowledge in industry trends, we build CRO-friendly websites.



User tracking implementation (Google Tag Manager) | Easy to read performance dashboard (Google Data Studio) | Funnel analysis and optimization | A/B testing | Strategy | Consultancy

All these sound really interesting, but you still don´t quite get it?

Do you think your project doesn't fully fit in any of these categories?

We are bold and flexible and always excited by the new. To make you feel more comfortable with our method, we offer you a FREE SCOPING WORKSHOP in which we will practice together a reduced version of the Human Centered Design approach to reveal and define the challenges of your product and the possible next steps.

Industries we work with

Although in Kiquix, we love to explore the unknown, we have extensive experience and verifiable results on the following areas.


Redifining iGaming with design

We disrupt the traditional iGaming services and layouts including the user variable as core element.


Transforming your IoT ideas into reality

IoT is where UX should be considered as first actor. Everyday life things are difficult subjects with so multifaced to require experts in humans.


Simplifying FinTech applying data visualization best practices

From data reporting to digital wallets, dashboard designs, and online trading platforms, we can design various verticals under FinTech


Measuring and Improving ux culture

We will help you to analyze and improve the UX maturity of your company. Helping you adding UX culture to make your company save time and money on any project.

Our Approach


As a user experience agency, our first step is to acquire a good understanding and knowledge about your business, market, and users. Before we engage in a strategy, we have to learn about your users’ profiles and preferences.


We start by understanding what you business is, along with your short term and long term goals.


We will map your competitors and study the market you are targeting. This should enable us to evaluate the feasibility of your project.


Your users’ needs and behavior are crucial to identifying the appropriate designs and strategies for user experience and conversion.


Once business goals, market, and users are identified, we will create an action plan that is geared towards your users’ behaviors.
The goal is to define a design strategy that creates a stellar user experience.

Client’s preferences

We will work closely with you to understand what your requirements and preferences are. We will also set your expectations whether or not these are feasible.

Expected outcome

Along with your design preferences, we will be asking you to define your expected results. Tell us what you want your users to feel and experience when they engage with your brand.

Design strategy

These things are all crucial in defining a design strategy that will enable us to create a winning user experience. From messaging to schematics and user flow, we will plan the entire wireframe and layout of the website.


Carefully and intelligently, we execute a design system that matches your brand, ensuring that experiences across various channels, platforms, and devices are cohesive and consistent.

Quick Wireframing

Using the latest technologies, tools, and software, we will begin building a rapid and testable draft of your website, verifying accessibility, usability and experience.

UI Design

We start with a layout. What does your website look like? What are the colors and theme? How will your user navigate from one section to another, and from one page to the next?


We then make an interactive prototype that enables you to see, feel, and use the product in context before we start building it.


Before we release for final production, we perform extensive QA sessions and A/B tests to ensure that everything in the plan was covered and the expected UI and UX results were met.


Feedback and insights from third party perspective are important, data then can help enhance both the website’s design and user experience.

User Testing

Using appropriate facilities and resources, we will conduct UX tests and take note how actual users navigate through and interact with your website.


Test Driven Development (TDD) is our way of life. Every design we bring to life is carefully developed using a TDD approach which helps us to deliver high quality code.

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We are designers and our DNA loves the new: fresh projects, different people, unique challenges and new fields of action. Whether you are sure we can help you, or if we have awakened your UX curiosity, feel free to get in touch with us. We promise you that, at least, we will have an interesting conversation.

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