People ignore design that ignores people.

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We are an innovation studio, our roots are deep in strategic thinking and our approach is a behavioral data-driven one implemented throughout an ethical use of user data.

We craft reliable and appealing websites and apps, efficient at converting interactions into leads. Our superpower: our data mindset. How do we do it? With our user-centered-problem-solving method. 

We love what we do: exploring user behaviour and translating our findings into powerful insights that back the products we design.

Data Power

Our services

At Kiquix we sail through the whole UX design value chain to deliver great digital experiences. We are flexible and able work from A to Z, or we can just jump into a specific stage of your project. We can either be consultants or your firsthand design crew. Yet, we always work steadily anchored to data and to our design method: User Centered Design. Thanks to it, we are able to uncover core issues, generate the smartest solutions and designs and build the highest converting websites and apps.

Here are the services we are proud to offer you:


We help you define your product´s DNA. From idea validation to launch. Our methodology can drastically cut the cost and time to go live. Give it a try, it will change the way you ship products!


Trhough a Design Thinking approach and using the recipe from Design Sprint, we strategically uplift the digital experience of your visitors, pleasing also those very hard to.


We design appealing visual interfaces for your users to feel really engaged and secure. We will remove any possible grip that is preventing your users to convert.


We focus on understanding your users’ behaviours, analyzing pain-points and frictions to solve, to provide with the best user experience possible and make them willing to convert.

We work with any kind of product: websites, apps and many other digital interfaces hosted by any sort of hardware device. We design Experiences for the most updated gizmos as well as for the almost forgotten ones – which can still be very popular in some geographies!

it s for everyone

Kiquix helps companies take care of their users by developing intuitive, mellow and appealing products for them … And for you!
When your users win, your company wins too.
Here is how investing in UX can help your company saving time and money:

Reducing costs of development

Including the user in your product workflow will help reduce today’s and tomorrow’s development times and costs, avoiding rework, lowering development inefficiencies and preventing future changes. It also turns customer support costs down.

Mitigating the RISK of a new feature or product

The User-Centred Design combined with a wise Data-Driven approach will reduce to the minimum the risk of investing in a new feature or project. We will assess the Value Proposition of your idea before committing to any long term costs.

Nourishing user fidelity

The key is delivering intuitive and easy to learn products that eliminate user frustration. Comfortable experiences satisfy users and increase user engagement and user fidelity with the product.

All these sound really interesting, but you still don´t quite get it? Do you think your project doesn’t fit entirely in any of these categories?

Try a FREE SCOPING WORKSHOP with the Kiquix team!

Together we will reveal and define the challenges of your product and the possible next steps, all this getting a taste of the Design Sprint.

We can hook up with your company in three ways:

as consultants

Trough tailor-made consultancies: we analyze your product´s performance, and we deliver a series of reports, revealing problems and strategic solutions to fix them.

[!] Bonus track : we can keep on working together if you want us to be your UX design dedicated team guiding your company in innovation and product.

As strategic designers

We’ll deliver smooth and snappy products. We love to get hands-on and carry out the whole challenge as a turnkey project.

Don’t worry, you will be part of the process as we love to create partnerships with our clients!


Training your teams

We have extensive experience in providing training on Innovation and Design. Through a playful but serious method, we will transfer our knowledge and tools to your team.

Some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Workshops and Innovation
  • Human-centred Design
  • Design Sprint
  • Usability testing
  • UX Maturity Assessment


We are research devotees; we carry on field studies, interviews, data analysis, tests and strategic thinking to uncover the real issues your product needs to address.

Once the picture is clear, we ideate solutions and test their usability. We believe in the power of rapid prototyping stages: they can teach us a lot and it is better to fail soon and cheap if something does not work as expected. Then we nourish the design with feedback and more testing and more iteration to refining the product´s UX till it is ready to launch.

We like transparency. Along this exciting process, we always work side-by-side with all the stakeholders of the project: you, your users and Kiquix. We want to keep it very close and get our progress followed up and validated by our customers all the time. Hey no worries, thanks to our method, we won’t be bothering that much!

We work for any company that wants to understand their users better.

If you are a big company, a dynamic SME or crazy StartUps, we’d love to hear from you!
Although we carry vast baggage full of IoT and iGaming cases, we are delighted when we face new kinds of challenges. Technology is getting deeper into the routines of companies, manufacturers and common people, as well. Tons of new digital products are created every day. And these might be supported in devices and hardware previously not exposed to a UX. All these innovations demand user experiences that need to be designed.

At KIQUIX we are all ears -and willing!- to explore the exotic.

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It doesn't matter if you need to create a new product from scratch, boost an existing one or train your team about innovative processes, with Kiquix you're covered. To know more, fill the form below and request a consultation:

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