Our mission, vision and core values.


Our mission is to enrich lives globally by creating innovative products designed with humans at the forefront. We strive to enhance the human experience through thoughtful design, advancing not just technology but the way people interact with the world around them.


We envision a future where Kiquix stands as a beacon of earth-human synergy, creating a space where discovery and desire meet sustainability. Our goal is to be recognized as the world’s foremost eco-conscious and human-centric brand, offering solutions that fulfill desires and needs without compromising our planet’s health.

Our Core Values

Move with urgency and focus

At Kiquix, we recognize that our actions have significant impact, and we address our work with a sense of urgency and focused determination. When we encounter challenges, such as missed deadlines or setbacks, we don’t just acknowledge them; we proactively seek solutions and learning opportunities.

Our commitment to correctness is anchored in rigorous, first-principles thinking, ensuring that every decision is innovative and well-founded. This value extends to our team dynamics, fostering an environment of open communication and swift action. We encourage feedback to drive continuous improvement and efficiency, enhancing our collective performance.

Systematic inventive thinking


Systematic inventive thinking is the cornerstone of our approach to creativity and problem-solving at Kiquix. It empowers our Experience Designers to turn challenges into innovation opportunities. We continuously invest in training and workshops to inspire out-of-the-box thinking and cultivate this essential skill.

Our approach encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration, ensuring our solutions are not only creative but holistic, taking into account diverse perspectives and stakeholders. This methodology forms the foundation of our innovation-driven culture, shaping our designs and solutions in a way that’s both imaginative and pragmatic.

Collaborative Empowerment


We believe in the power of teamwork and shared knowledge. Collaborative Empowerment is about harnessing the diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences of our team to achieve greater outcomes. We foster a culture where every voice is heard and valued, encouraging open dialogue and inclusive decision-making. This collaborative environment not only enriches our workplace but also amplifies our ability to innovate and solve problems more effectively. By empowering each team member, we create a synergy that drives our collective success and helps us adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

Zero Trace


Our ‘Zero Trace’ philosophy reflects our deep commitment to the planet, emphasizing sustainable growth while minimizing our environmental impact. We manage resources wisely and leverage our global presence to advocate for environmental stewardship. Our reforestation initiatives go beyond planting trees; they form part of a broader strategy to restore ecosystems and support communities. By striving for a net-zero carbon footprint in our projects, we set a benchmark for environmental responsibility in the industry. This commitment integrates ecological awareness into our business operations, demonstrating our dedication to not just corporate success but also global sustainability.

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Join us for an interactive meeting where we’ll explore the realms of Product Design, User Research, User Experience, and Innovation Consultancy. Whether you’re looking to refine an existing product or innovate a new one, this meeting is designed to provide you with strategic insights and practical solutions.

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Sustainable Design Training

Discover the principles of Circular Design and Sustainability in this engaging training session. Learn about the importance of sustainable practices in product design and how to implement them, contributing to a greener future.